About Dolphin Dive Center

Most people learn to dive through their local professional dive center. Dolphin Dive Center offers diving instruction, equipment sales, rentals, and servicing. They can also assist you with all of your dive travel plans.

Is It Safe?

Thanks to international certification agencies and standards, scuba diving is among the safest of recreational activities.

All students must also receive a release from a physician prior to any diving. The following forms will help you and your doctor determine if SCUBA diving is for you.

Medical History, Physician's Release, and Guidelines for Medical Exam

You will need Adobe Acrobat in order to view the above documents. http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2.html

Is There an Age Limit?

10 is the minimum age for scuba divers. There is no upper age limit.

How Long Does It Take?

An entry level certification course takes 3 days to complete. Their classes start on the first Saturday of every month. Private classes are available for those people that have difficulty coming on the weekends.

Why Should I Get Certified?
Millions of people all over the world enjoy the activity of SCUBA diving every day! Their world is covered in oceans and underwater environments that are just waiting to be explored. They know less about the bottoms of their oceans than they do about the surface of the moon. Once you become an open water diver, you can start your advanced training and explore wrecks, depths of 100 feet or more, night diving, underwater photography, etc. This is the last unexplored frontier, an opportunity for adventure like none other. If you still aren't sure, check out their Discover SCUBA program below.

Earning Your C-Card

Earning your c-card is a three-step process:

You'll participate in classroom and home-study sessions.
You'll learn and practice essential diving skills in a pool.
You'll apply your new skills and knowledge by making training dives in a lake or ocean. You can complete these open water dives close to home or during a warm-water vacation.

To sign up today, or to get more information, just call them at the shop or stop by and see them. We are always ready to talk to you about diving!

Still not sure you want to become a diver? Don't worry, they can help you decide.

Discover SCUBA

Dolphin Dive Center offers a Discover SCUBA course for only $39.95! Come to the pool with them one night and try out the sport with a trained professional. If you decide after that you want to be certified, they will deduct the $39.95 from the cost of your certification class. Just give them a call!

Open Water Course Schedule

Dolphin Dive Center holds the open water class over the period of one weekend: Saturday and Sunday from 1pm-5pm and 6:30pm-9:30pm. They will be having class on the following dates:

February 5-6, February 12-13, March 4-5, April 2-3

They will be more than happy to schedule a private course if necessary.

Dolphin Dive Center
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